Relax, refresh, renew, revive, reboot, – you name the 'Re' that is right for you!


Re U Name It choose your own adventure.

Re U Name It – design your own retreat

In deciding to open our house as a ministry retreat space, we contemplated the reasons someone in ministry might want to stay. Would they want to just relax and be refreshed or was their purpose more focussed on revising, revisioning or recreating? And so the ‘Re-you-name-it’ ministry was born – for you to determine the framing of your ‘re’ experience.

Inside these pages we share  a little about who we are, what we offer and how to arrange to stay along with some of the delights of this space we love and love to share.

Over time, we’ll share stories and commentary on people or concepts in the REworld of relaxing, re-visioning, recreating, recovering, restoring, regenerating and a hundred others.

Recent research on potential for burnout among ministry staff.

Recent research on potential for burnout among ministry staff.

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  1. I love your ‘re’ … name it. May you be eternally rewarded for your efforts. 🙂

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